Finally there!

Yes: we’ve made it! We actually survived the flight surprisingly well, considering that the kids (and therefore us) hardly slept, and in any case not simultaneously.

But never mind that, we’re in Singapore now, we don’t have to make any more of those terribly long flights until January, and that’s all that counts! And of course the spectaculair sea view from our room on the 17th floor. Mercifully for the kids, it’s got ceiling-to-floor windows, so Kim has been stamping greasy little finger- and noseprints all over them. Matthijs is especially smitten with the large pool, and doesn’t agree at all with the hotel rule that you can’t go into the pool in a thunder storm. He thinks that if you don’t understand the physics rule of ‘don’t mix electricity with water’, it doesn’t apply.

Meanwhile, we hardly saw anything from Singapore yet: our hotel is miles from any MRT-station, and we are still trying to find a rhythm that works for all of us. Matthijs doesn’t mind, as long as he can go into the pool, and Kim doesn’t mind either, as long as she can do and have what we do and have.

So I suppose everything will work out, as long as we follow a few basic rules:
1. Don’t try to have a western breakfast in a non-western place.
2. Singapore may seem quite western for Asian standards, but really loses that thin exterior if you’re trying to have a western breakfast, so don’t forget that.
3. You don’t have to have a western breakfast for the sake of your kids. See the picture below, taken when we had the common sense to enter a hawker’s center instead of a place that claims to have western food but really hasn’t.
4. Always bring an umbrella when you go out in Singapore.

Never mind: the bags are already packed again for the next leg of our trip: our flight to Hanoi. See you there!

PS Whoever thinks that it is comfortable to have the airco set to 15 degrees when it’s 30 outside, should be forced to travel in shorts and a tank top in a thus airconditioned train from Singapore to Bangkok.


5 gedachten over “Finally there!

  1. Very professional job – the blog!! hartstikke fijn om jullie zo te volgen, ik reis mee!
    Wat ’n indrukken voor de kids,maar ook tegelijkertijd weer zo lekker onbevangen.
    Lieverds, geniet en pas goed op elkaar; zie uit naar nwe tekst en beelden!
    Warm hug from Geldrop (22 graden hier…)

  2. Hallo luitjes, goed te lezen hoe het jullie vergaat. En ook meteen een leuke foto erbij. We zijn heel benieuwd naar het volgende bericht. De Adamsfamily hebben we al ontmoet, super sympathieke lui. Even een Hollandse specialiteit nl gevulde speculaastaart van bakker Rodenrijs afgegeven. Kon nog een paar doetips vd kids geven. Ze hebben t naar hun zin. Hier alles prima. Jullie een gave reis verder! Xxxx van de familie Lantheer

  3. Ach, ’t arme schaap! Weet nog nauwelijks hoe een vórk eruit ziet en nu krijgt ze al een paar bamboestokken voor haar neus. ’t Zal volgend jaar wel weer wennen worden: havermoutsepap met een lepel!

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