The garbage can that is called Halong Bay

Just one thing in addition to yesterday’s blog entry: what happens in the mind of the first soul that decided that a stunningly beautiful bay that attracts millions of tourists is a mighty swell place to empty their garbage can into?

I can’t believe the tonnes and tonnes of garbage that floated past in the most visited parts of Halong Bay. I started to collect some at the quiet beach we had our sunset swim in, but it was just no use: everytime I picked up a discarded plastic bag, another one came floating by.

But there might be hope: our boat actually sailed back to pick up an accidentally dropped Pringles-can. Now if everybody does that… *sigh*.


2 gedachten over “The garbage can that is called Halong Bay

  1. Die rotzooi moet dan van de laatste 5 jaar zijn, want daarvoor was de Bay redelijk schoon! Verder hier alles goed. Kunnen de kinderen zich blijven amuseren? Goede reis verder. Liefs, pa

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