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Dutch news correspondent Robert Portier (@RobertPortier) tweeted this news article this morning:

This story reminded me of a situation that confronted us with the absurdity of the Australian fear of being sued for causing harm to somebody else.

It was in the Collingwood children’s farm in Melbourne. Matthijs had hurt his knee, and needed a band aid. Luckily in the washroom where we cleaned his knee, also was a staff member, who was just tucking away a few things into the First Aid kit.

We asked if she had a band aid. She had. But, as she pointed out to us, she was not allowed to put it on Matt’s knee – that was only permitted to the caretaker of the child. So Then she pointed out that it might be a good idea to put some disinfectant on his knee. We replied that we didn’t have any on us, and asked if we could use some from the First Aid kit.

To our utter surprise, she answered that it’s not allowed to have disinfectant in First Aid kits that serve a public place for children. ‘Because one in so many million Australians is allergic to desinfectant, we had to take it out of the standard equipment of all First Aid kits. It’s a liability question.’, sge explained to our raised eyebrows.

What followed was a rant against these kinds of regulations that, according to her, are perpetually expanded in Australia – and getting more absurd by every addition.

After reading the article on the kids not being allowed to infect all their friends with the worst possible diseases every time they blow our a birthday cake candle (cause of course that HAS to happen) I actually understand what she is talking about…

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